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Welcome to our Rural Accommodations

Our accommodations are the result of searching a place where certain values should be present: Nature, quietness, beauty, independency but no isolation, unpolluted air, wide panoramic views, diversity of landscapes and natural sceneries, intensive experience of the four seasons…

Segura and its surroundings offer all this and the years we live here proved that there are many others who also do appreciate the same values.

We have tried to equip our accommodations in harmony with the environment and our aim is making you feel as comfortable as possible. We will be very happy to share with you our experiences and the knowledge acquired about this privileged place, as we are convinced that almost nothing provides more pleasure than an activity which allows earning one's life and providing at the same time pleasure and wellness to others.

We are waiting for you!

Anton and Encarni

&Walking to the Water Cave&Tranco Lake.

Segura and El Yelmo mountain



Main entrance in the Castle Street


View from the paraglider



A special place for walkers!
If you belong to those who enjoy exploring nature on walking paths, we have prepared a variety of routes with different difficulties and lengths in our surroundings. We will be pleased to explain them to you personally in detail, providing you with the necessary documents and maps.
Try, as we are sure that you will enjoy our Sierra and that you will be surprised about this almost unknown corner of Andalusia.